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Abbreveation description
BAK Back At Keyboard
BBL Be Back Later
BBS Be Back Soon
BMW Be My Wife
BRB Be Right Back
BRT Be Right There
BTW By The Way
BFN Bye For Now
B4N Bye For Now
B be
BCNU be seeing you
BTDT been there done that
BO buzz off
COZ because
BF Boyfriend
BTOBS Be there or be square
BTSOOM Beats the shit out of me
B4 Before
BB Bathroom break
BBFBBM Body by Fisher, brains by Mattel
BBIAB Be back in a bit
BBIAF Be back in a few
BBN Bye, Bye Now
BCBS Big company, big school
BDC Big dumb company or Big dot com
BDN Big damn number
BFD Big fucking deal
BG Big grin
BHOF Bald headed old fart
BIF Basis in fact or before I forget
BITD Back in the day
BITMT But in the meantime
BM Byte me
BMOTA Byte me on the ass
BNF Big name fan
BOHICA Bend over, here it comes again
BOT Back on topic
BR Bathroom
BS Big Smile
BT Byte This
BTA But then again or Before the attacks
BTWBO Be there with bells on
BWDIK But what do I know?
BWO Black, white or other
BYORL Bring your own rocket launcher
CUZ Because
bugly Butt Ugly
BC Because
B4U Before You
B4YKI Before You Know It
BAG Bursting A Gut
BAU Business As Usual
BB4N Bye-Bye for Now
BBBG Bye Bye Be Good
BBFN Bye-Bye for Now
BBIAS Be Back In A Sec
BBIAW Be Back In A While
BBSD Be Back Soon Darling
BBSL Be Back Sooner or Later
BBT Be Back Tomorrow
BCOZ Because
BD Big Deal
BEOS Nudge
BFF Best Friends Forever
BIOYN Blow it Out Your Nose
BKA Better Known As
BSF But Seriously, Folks
BTDTGTS Been There, Done That, Got The T-shirt
BTHOOM Beats The Heck Out Of Me
BW Best Wishes
BYKT But you Knew That