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d - SMS Dictionary.
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Abbreveation description
DA the
DYLM do you like me
DXNRY Dictionary
DAMIFINO Damn, if I know
DBAU Doing business as usual
DD Due diligence
DDD Direct distance dial
DILLIGAD Do I look like I give a damn?
DILLIGAF Do I look like I give a fuck?
DILLIGAS Do I look like I give a shit?
DIY Do it yourself
DWL Dying with laughter
DWYM Does what you mean
DYSTSOTT Did you see the size of that thing?
DARFC Ducking And Running For Cover
DF Dear Friend
DH Dear Hubby or Husband
DIKU Do I Know You
DL Download
DNC Does Not Compute
DUST Did You See That?
DYOFDW Do Your Own Fucking Dirty Work
DINK Double Income No Kids
DND Do Not Disturb