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Abbreveation description
FOAD Fuck Off And Die
FC Fingers Crossed
FWIW For What It's Worth
FYI For Your Information
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
FOTFLOL falling on the floor, laughing out loud
F2T free to talk
FRM from
4EVER Forever
F2F Flesh to flesh or Face to face
FAB Features, attributes, benefits
FAI Frequently argued issue
FBKS Failure between keyboard and seat
FBOW For better or worse
FE Fatal error
FFPN Fresh fields and pastures new
FO fuck off
FOAF Friend of a friend
FOCL Falling off chair laughing
FRED fucking ridiculous electronic device
FTASB Faster than a speeding bullet
FTL Faster than light
FTTB For the time being
FUBAB fucked up beyond all belief
FUBAR fucked up beyond all reason / recognition / repair
FUBB Fucked Up Beyond Belief
FUD Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt
FYA For your amusement
FYIFV fuck you, I'm fully vested
FYIV fuck you, I'm vested
FYM For your misinformation
FYYSOS Fuck you, you sack of shit
4FRNFR Forever and Ever
FAQL Frequently Asked Questions List
FAWC For Anyone Who Cares
FF Friends Forever
FISH First in, Still Here
FITB Fill in the Blanks
FOC Free of Charge
FOFL Falling on Floor Laughing
FWD Forward
4 Four
5 Five
FBUGLY Fucking Butt Ugly
FUBIO Fuck You Buddy I'm Out
FTTYYGTS Fart That Tells You You Got To Shit
FTMFW For The Mother Fucking Win
FTMFWB For The Mutha Fuckin Win Bitches
FTITM First Thing In The Morning
FTBSITTTD Fuck The Bull Shit It's Time To Throw Down
FTFTFWMF Fuck Them, Fuck Those Fucking Worthless Mother Fuckers
FSCK File System Check
4 for
FTW For The Win
FIWDIM Fuck It, We'll Do It Monday...