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Abbreveation description
OIC Oh I See
OMG Oh My God
OTT Over The Top
K okay
1CE once
OTOH On the other hand
OBTW Oh, by the way
OAUS On an unrelated subject
OEM Original equipment manufacturer
OLL Online love
OMDB Over My Dead Body
OMFG Oh my fucking God
OMIK Open mouth, insert keyboard
ONNA Oh no, not again!
OOC Out of character
OOO Out of office
OOTB Out of the box or Out of the blue
OOTC Obligatory on topic comment
OS Operating system
OT Off topic
OWTTE Or words to that effect
OZ Australia
MOMPL One Moment Please
OK All Correct
ONNTA Oh No, Not This Again
OOF Out Of Facility
OOI Out Of Interest
OTP On the Phone
OTTOMH Off the Top of my Head
OUSU Oh, You Shut Up
1 One
pwned Owned - Much better; "He got pwned by the better player")
pwnage Ownage - The act of pwning
ZOMG Oh My God (Sarcastic variant)