SMS Dictionary - Site Map
SMS Dictionary - Site Map.
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Abbreviation description
10QThank You
121 One to one
1337leet or Elite
2to, two
26Y4Utoo sexy for you
2BONOTo be or not to be
2n8Two and Eight (Right Old State)
2U2To you, too
4FRNFRForever and Ever
86"Out Of" or "Over" or "To get rid of"
@TEOTDAt The End Of The Day
A3Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace
A41A14AAll For One And One For All
AAAAAAmerican Association Against Acronym Abuse
AAFAs A Friend
AAKAsleep At Keyboard
AAMOFAs a matter of fact
AAMOIAs A Matter Of Interest
AARAt Any Rate
AAR8At Any Rate
AASAlive And Smiling
AATKAlways At The Keyboard
AAYFAs Always, Your Friend
ABAss Backwards
ABITHIWTA bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush
ABT2About To
ACDAlt Control Delete
ACEAccess Control Entry
ADADAnother Day Another Dollar
ADBBAll Done Bye Bye
ADIHAnother Day In Hell
ADIPAnother Day In Paradise
ADNAny day now
ADNAny day now
AEAPAs Early As Possible
AFAGAYA Friend As Good As You
AFAHMASPA Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted
AFAICAs far as I'm concerned
AFAICSAs Far As I Can See
AFAICTAs far as I can tell
AFAIKAs Far As I Know
AFAIUAs Far As I Understand
AFAIUIAs Far As I Understand It
AFAPAs Far As Possible
AFCAway From Computer
AFDNAny Fucking Day Now
AFIAAAs Far As I Am Aware
AFINIAFIA Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed
AFKAway From Keyboard
AFUAll fucked up
AFZAcronym free zone
AGKWEAnd God Knows What Else
AIAMUAnd I'm a monkey's uncle
AIHAs It Happens
AIMBAs I Mentioned Before
AIMPAlways In My Prayers
AISEAs I Said Earlier
AISIAs I see it
AKAAlso Known As
ALAPAs Late As Possible
ALOLActually Laughing Out Loud
ALTGAct Locally, Think Globally
AMAPAs Many As Possible
AMBWAll my best wishes
AMF Adios, motherfucker!
AMLAll My Love
ANFAWFOWAnd now for a word from our web sponsor
ANFSCDAnd Now For Something Completely Different
AOASAll of a sudden
AOBAbuse Of Bandwidth
AOLArmy of lamers
APApple pie
ASAFPAs Soon As "Friggin" Possible
ASAPAs Soon As Possible
ASLAge, Sex, Location?
ATKAt The Keyboard
ATMAt The Moment
ATSTAt the same time
ATWAll the Web or Around the Web
AWGTHTGTAre we going to have to go through this again?
AWOLAbsent Without Leave
AYKAs You Know
AYSOSAre You Stupid Or Something?
AYTMTBAnd you're telling me this because?
B4NBye For Now
B4UBefore You
B4YKIBefore You Know It
BAGBursting A Gut
BAKBack At Keyboard
BAUBusiness As Usual
BBBathroom break
BB4NBye-Bye for Now
BBBGBye Bye Be Good
BBFBBMBody by Fisher, brains by Mattel
BBFNBye-Bye for Now
BBIABBe back in a bit
BBIAFBe back in a few
BBIASBe Back In A Sec
BBIAWBe Back In A While
BBLBe Back Later
BBNBye, Bye Now
BBSBe Back Soon
BBSDBe Back Soon Darling
BBSLBe Back Sooner or Later
BBTBe Back Tomorrow
BCBSBig company, big school
BCNUbe seeing you
BDBig Deal
BDCBig dumb company or Big dot com
BDNBig damn number
BFDBig fucking deal
BFFBest Friends Forever
BFNBye For Now
BGBig grin
BHOFBald headed old fart
BIFBasis in fact or before I forget
BIOYNBlow it Out Your Nose
BITDBack in the day
BITMTBut in the meantime
BKABetter Known As
BMByte me
BMOTAByte me on the ass
BMWBe My Wife
BNFBig name fan
BObuzz off
BOHICABend over, here it comes again
BOTBack on topic
BRBBe Right Back
BRTBe Right There
BSBig Smile
BSFBut Seriously, Folks
BTByte This
BTABut then again or Before the attacks
BTDTbeen there done that
BTDTGTSBeen There, Done That, Got The T-shirt
BTHOOMBeats The Heck Out Of Me
BTOBSBe there or be square
BTSOOMBeats the shit out of me
BTWBy The Way
BTWBOBe there with bells on
buglyButt Ugly
BWBest Wishes
BWDIKBut what do I know?
BWOBlack, white or other
BYKTBut you Knew That
BYORLBring your own rocket launcher
C4NCiao for now
CBChat brat
CFDCall for discussion
CFVCall for vote
CIAOGoodbye (in Italian)
CIDconsider it done
CISCompuServe Information Service
CMFCount my fingers
CNPContinued in my next post
COBClose Of Business
CofSChurch of Scientology
CPCross post
CRAFTCan't remember a fucking thing
CRAPCheap, redundant assorted products
CTCChoking the chicken
CTNCan't Talk Now
CUSee You
CULSee You Later
CUL8ERSee You Later
CUL8RSee You Later
CUL8TRSee you later
CUNSSee You In School!
CWOTComplete Waste Of Time
CWYLChat with you later
CYCalm Yourself
CYLSee You Later
CYTSee You Tomorrow
DAMIFINODamn, if I know
DARFCDucking And Running For Cover
DBAUDoing business as usual
DDDue diligence
DDDDirect distance dial
DFDear Friend
DHDear Hubby or Husband
DIKUDo I Know You
DILLIGADDo I look like I give a damn?
DILLIGAFDo I look like I give a fuck?
DILLIGASDo I look like I give a shit?
DINKDouble Income No Kids
DIYDo it yourself
DNCDoes Not Compute
DNDDo Not Disturb
DUSTDid You See That?
DWLDying with laughter
DWYMDoes what you mean
DYLMdo you like me
DYOFDWDo Your Own Fucking Dirty Work
DYSTSOTTDid you see the size of that thing?
E123Easy as One, Two, Three
EAKEating at Keyboard
EGEvil grin
ELEvil Laugh
EMExcuse Me?
EMFJIExcuse me for jumping in
EODEnd of discussion
EOMEnd of message
EOTEnd of transmission
ESOEquipment smarter than operator
EULAEnd-User License Agreement
EWIE-mailing while intoxicated
F2FFlesh to flesh or Face to face
F2Tfree to talk
FABFeatures, attributes, benefits
FAIFrequently argued issue
FAQFrequently Asked Questions
FAQLFrequently Asked Questions List
FAWCFor Anyone Who Cares
FBKSFailure between keyboard and seat
FBOWFor better or worse
FBUGLYFucking Butt Ugly
FCFingers Crossed
FEFatal error
FFFriends Forever
FFPNFresh fields and pastures new
FISHFirst in, Still Here
FITBFill in the Blanks
FIWDIMFuck It, We'll Do It Monday...
FOfuck off
FOADFuck Off And Die
FOAFFriend of a friend
FOCFree of Charge
FOCLFalling off chair laughing
FOFLFalling on Floor Laughing
FOTFLOLfalling on the floor, laughing out loud
FREDfucking ridiculous electronic device
FSCKFile System Check
FTASBFaster than a speeding bullet
FTBSITTTDFuck The Bull Shit It's Time To Throw Down
FTFTFWMFFuck Them, Fuck Those Fucking Worthless Mother Fuckers
FTITMFirst Thing In The Morning
FTLFaster than light
FTMFWFor The Mother Fucking Win
FTMFWBFor The Mutha Fuckin Win Bitches
FTTBFor the time being
FTTYYGTSFart That Tells You You Got To Shit
FTWFor The Win
FUBABfucked up beyond all belief
FUBARfucked up beyond all reason / recognition / repair
FUBBFucked Up Beyond Belief
FUBIOFuck You Buddy I'm Out
FUDFear, Uncertainty and Doubt
FWIWFor What It's Worth
FYAFor your amusement
FYIFor Your Information
FYIFVfuck you, I'm fully vested
FYIVfuck you, I'm vested
FYMFor your misinformation
FYYSOSFuck you, you sack of shit
G2GGot to Go
GAGo ahead
GALGet A Life
GALGALGive A Little Get A Little
GBHGreat Big Hug
GBTWGet back to work
GDRGrinning, Ducking and Running
GFCGoing for coffee
GFETEGrinning from ear to ear
GFNGone for now
GGGood Game
GGNGotta Go Now
GHPGood hand partner (for online card games)
GIGOGarbage in, garbage out
GJIAGDVYCNGo jump in a god damn volcano, you fucking cave newt
GLGood luck
GLLAGreat lovers love alike
GLYASDIGod loves you and so do I
GMBOGiggling my butt off
GMTAGreat Minds Think Alike
GMTFTGreat minds think for themselves
GNBLFYGot nothing but love for you
GRDGrinning, running and ducking
GSOASGo sit on a snake
GSOHGood Sense Of Humour (or Good Salary, Own Home)
GTGgot to go
GTGBGot to go, bye
GTGPGot to go pee
GTHGo To Hell
GTSYGlad to see ya
GYPOGet your pants off
HABHot Asian babe
HACKTo use something not in its intended manner.
HAGDHave a Great Day
HAGNHave a good night
HAGOHave a good one
HAKHugs and kisses
HANDhave a nice day
HBHurry back
hbtuHappy Birthday To You
HFHello, Friend
HHHold Hands
HHISHanging head in shame
HHO12KHa ha, only half kidding (HHO1/2K)
HHOJHa-Ha, Only Joking
HHOKHa ha, only kidding
HHOSHa-Ha, Only Being Serious
HHTYAYHappy Holidays To You And Yours
HIHHope It Helps
HIOOCHelp! I'm out of coffee
HOASHold On A Sec
HOHAHollywood hacker
HOT4Uhot for you
HTHHope this helps
HUAHeads up ace
HUDHow You Doing?
HUYAHead up your ass
I 1DRI Wonder
IACIn any case
IAEIn any event
IAITSIt's all in the subject
IANACI am not a crook
IANAEI Am Not an Expert
IANALI am not a lawyer
IATI Am Tired
IAYLIn A While
IBRBI Will Be Right Back
IBTIn between technology
IBTDI beg to differ
ICBWI Could Be Wrong
ICQI Seek you
IDCI Don't Care
IDKI Don't Know
IDMIt Does Not Matter
IEFIt's esther's fault
IFABI found a bug
IFUI fucked up
IGGPI gotta go pee
IGTPI Get The Point
IHAIMI Have Another Instant Message
IHNOI Have No Opinion
IHTFPI Have Truly Found Paradise
IHTFPI Hate This Fucking Place
IIIOIntel inside, idiot outside
IIMADIf it makes any difference
IIRIf I Remember or If I Recall
IIRCIf I remember correctly
IIWMIf it were me
ILICISCOMKI laughed, I cried, I spat/spilt coffee/crumbs/coke over my keyboard
ILUI Love You
ILYI love you
IMInstant messaging
IMCOIn my considered opinion
IMHOIn My Honest/Humble Opinion
IMNSHOin my not so humble opinion
IMOIn My Opinion
IMOWIn My Own Words
IMPEIn my previous/personal experience
IMSI Am Sorry
IMVHOIn my very humble opinion
INMPIt's not my problem
INPOIn no particular order
IOHI'm outta here
IOTTMCOIntuitively obvious to the most casual observer
IOUI owe you
IOWIn Other Words
IPNI'm posting naked
IRCInternet Relay Chat
IRLIn Real Life
ISSI said so
ISTMIt Seems to Me
ISTRI Seem To Remember
ISWYMI See What You Mean
ITMIn the money
IUMIf You Must
IUSSIf you say so
IYKWIMIf you know what i mean
IYKWIMAIIf You Know What I Mean And I Think You Do
IYOIn your opinion
IYQI like you
IYSSIf you say so
IYSWIMIf you see what I mean
JADJust Another day
JAFOJust another fucking onlooker
JAMJust A Minute
JASJust a second
JCJust checking
JICJust in case
JKJust kidding
JM2CJust My 2 Cents
JOOTTJust one of those things
JPYLJust pulling your leg
JTJust Teasing
JWJust wondering (Wondered)
JYYCJust yanking your chain
KFYKiss for you
KHUFKnow How You Feel
KIRKeep It Real
KISSKeep It Simple, Stupid
KITKeep in touch
KMAKiss my ass
KMRIAKiss my royal Irish arse
KOTCKiss on the cheek
KOTLKiss on the lips
KWIMKnow what i mean
KYPOKeep your pants on
l33tElite (also "1337" - A method of writing using numbers instead of letters)
LAGNAFLet's all get naked and fuck!
LAQLame ass quote
LDLong distance
LDRLong Distance Relationship
LDTTWALet's do the time warp again
LIFOLast in, first out
LLTALots and lots of thunderous applause
LMAOLaugh My Ass Off
LMFAOLaughing My Fucking Ass Off
LMIRLLet's meet in real life
LMKLet me know
LOLLaugh Out Loud
LOLLots Of Love
LOLALaugh Out Loud Again
LOLERSKATESLaugh Out Loud +Skates
LOLLERSKATESLaugh Out Loud Skates - Hilarity on wheels; Funny plus skates
LOOLLaughing Outragously Out Loud
LOPSODLong on promises, short on delivery
LQTMLaughing Quietly To Myself
LRFLittle rubber feet
LTNSLong Time No See
LTNTLong time, no talk
LTRLong term relationship
LULABLove you like a brother
LULASLove you like a sister
LWRLaunch When Ready
LYLLove ya lots
LYLABLove You Like a Brother
LYLASLove you like a sister
M8 or M8Mate or Mates
MFDMulti-Function Device
MfGMit freundlichen Gruessen
MHBFYMy Heart Bleeds For You
MIHAPMay I Have Your Attention Please
MKOPMy Kind Of Place
MMMarket Maker
MMFUmy mate fancies you
MMHA2UMy Most Humble Apologies To You
MMSMultimedia Messaging System
mofoMother Fucker
MOMPLOne Moment Please
MOOMud, Object-Oriented
MOOSMember Of The Opposite Sex
MorFMale or Female?
MOSSMember Of The Same Sex
MOTASMember Of The Appropriate Sex
MOTDMessage Of The Day
MOTSSMembers Of The Same Sex
MTBFMean Time Between Failure
MTEMy Thoughts Exactly
MTFBWUmay the force be with you
MTFBWYMay The Force Be With You
MUBARMessed up Beyond All Recognition
MWBRLMore Will Be Revealed Later
MYOBMind your own Business
N00BNoobie (New Person)
N1Nice One
N2MNot To Mention
NANot applicable or Not affiliated
NAKNursing at keyboard
NALOPKTNot A Lot of People Know That
NAPNot a problem
NAZName, Address, Zip (also means NASDAQ)
NBDNo big deal
NBIFNo basis in fact
NCNo comment
NCGNew college graduate
NE1 ERAnyone Here?
NFNucking Futs (Fucking Nuts)
NFCNo fucking clue
NFINo fucking idea
NFWNo fucking way
NGNew gme
NHNice Hand (Used in Poker)
NIFOCNude in front of the computer
NIMNo internal message
NIMBYNot in my back yard
NIMQNot in my queue
NINJANo Income, No Job, or Assets
NMPNot my problem
NO1no one
NOOBNew Person - Noobie (often derogatory; "Your such a noob!")
NOYBNone of your business
NPno problem
NQOCDNot quite our class, dear
NRNNo Reply Necessary
NSFWNot Safe For Work
NTNo text
NTKNice To Know
NTYMINow That You Mention It
NUFFEnough Said
NWNo Way!
NYCFSNew York City finger salute
OAUSOn an unrelated subject
OBTWOh, by the way
OEMOriginal equipment manufacturer
OKAll Correct
OLLOnline love
OMDBOver My Dead Body
OMFGOh my fucking God
OMGOh My God
OMIKOpen mouth, insert keyboard
ONNAOh no, not again!
ONNTAOh No, Not This Again
OOCOut of character
OOFOut Of Facility
OOIOut Of Interest
OOOOut of office
OOTBOut of the box or Out of the blue
OOTCObligatory on topic comment
OSOperating system
OTOff topic
OTOHOn the other hand
OTPOn the Phone
OTTOver The Top
OTTOMHOff the Top of my Head
OUSUOh, You Shut Up
OWTTEOr words to that effect
PANSPretty awesome new stuff
PAWparents are watching
PCMPlease call me
PDPublic Domain
PDOMAPulled directly out of my ass
PDQPretty Darn Quick
PEBCAKProblem exists between chair and keyboard
PIMPPeeing in my pants
PITAPain In The Arse
PMPersonal Message
PMFJIPardon me for jumping in
PMIGBOMPut Mind In Gear Before Opening Mouth
PMJIPardon My Jumping In
PMLPiss Myself Laughing
PMPPeeing my pants
PMPFPiss My Pants Funny
POPiss off
POETSPiss on everyone, tomorrow's Saturday
PONAPerson of no account
POSParent over shoulder
POVPoint of view
PRWParents Are Watching
PSPost Script
PTBPlease Text Back
PUThat Stinks
pwnageOwnage - The act of pwning
pwnedOwned - Much better; "He got pwned by the better player")
QLQuit Laughing!
QSQuit Scrolling
RATRemotely activated trojan
RBAYRight Back At Ya
RBTLRead between the lines
RDResearch and development
RERegards or Hello Again
REHIHello again or Re-hi
RFDRequest For Discussion
RFRReally fucking rich
RFSReally fucking soon
RKBARight to keep and bear arms
RLReal life
RLFReal life friend
RMLBRead my lips baby
RMMMRead my mail man!
RNRight now!
ROFLRolling On The Floor Laughing
ROFLCOPTERRoll On Floor Laughing Copter (It's funny and it flies)
ROFLMAORolling on the floor laughing my ass off
ROFLOLRoll On Floor Lauging Out Loud
ROTFLRolling on the floor laughing
ROTFLMAORoll On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off
ROTFLOLRolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud
ROTMRight on the money
RPGRole playing games
RRRest and relaxation
RSNReal soon now
RTBSReason to be single
RTDoxRead the documentations
RTFAQRead the FAQ File
RTFIread the fucking instructions
RTFMread the fucking manual
RTFMRead the Fucking Manual
RTKReturn to keyboard
RTMRead the manual
RUare you
RUMORFAre You Male Or Female
RUOKare you okay
RUUP4ITAre You Up For It
RYORoll your own
S2RSend To Receive
S4LSpam For Life
SBIAStands Back In Amazement
SBTASorry, Being Thick Again
SCNRSorry, Could Not Resist
SEDSaid Enough Darling
SETESmiling Ear to Ear
SFSurfer Friendly or Science Fiction
SFAIAASo Far As I Am Aware
SFETESmiling From Ear To Ear
sfwSafe For Work
SG4ITSearch Google For It
SHShit Happens
SITCOMsSingle Income, Two Children, Oppressive Mortgage
SITDStill In The Dark
SLIRKSmart Little Rich Kid
SMAIMSend Me An Instant Message
SMESubject Matter Expert
SMEMSend Me E-Mail
SMPFShit My Pants Funny
SMSShort Message Service
SNAFUSituation Normal, All Fucked Up
SNAGSensitive New Age Guy
SNERTSnotty Nosed Egotistical Rotten Teenager
SOSignificant Other
SOHFSense Of Humor Failure
SOLShit Out of Luck
SOPStandard Operating Procedure
SorGStraight or Gay?
SROStanding Room Only
SSDDSame Shit Different Day
SSEWBASomeday Soon, Everything Will Be Acronyms
STATSYour sex and age
STFUShut The Fuck Up!
STMSpank The Monkey
STYSSpeak To You Soon
SUYFShut Up You Fool
SWAGScientific Wild Ass Guess
SWAKSent (or Sealed) With A Kiss
SWALKSent with a loving Kiss
SWDYTSo What Do You Think?
SWGScientific Wild Guess
SWTDRMZSweet Dreams
SYSSee You Soon
T+Think positive
TAFNThat's all for now
TAHTake a hike
TARFUThings are really fucked up
TASTaking A Shower
TBText Back
TBATo be advised
TBCTo be continued
tbhTo Be Honest
TCBThe Trouble Came Back!
TDMToo Darn Many
TDTMTalk dirty to me
TEOTWAWKThe end of the world as we know it
TFDSThat is For Darn Sure
TFHThread from hell
TFNThanks for nothing or Till further notice
tfrThanks For Reading
TGIFThank God it Is Friday
THANQthank you
THNX 1.0Thanks a million
THXThank You
THX or TThanks
THX, THNThanks
THX40Thanks For Nothing
TIAThanks in advance
TIAILThink I am in love
TICTongue in cheek
TLAThree letter acronym
TLGOThe list goes on
TLK2ULTalk to You Later
TMTrust me
TMAToo many acronyms
TMBText Me Back
TMFAToo many fucking acronyms
TMIToo much information
TMIYTake me Im yours
TMKTo my knowledge
TMTOWTDIThere's more than one way to do it
TNATemporarily not available
TNCTongue In Cheek
TNTLLACTry Not To Look Like A Cock
TOSTerms of service
TOTTons of Time
TPTeam Player
TPCThe phone company
TPTBThe powers that be
TSRTotally stuck in ram
TSWCTell someone who cares
TTBOMKTo the best of my knowledge
TTFNTa-Ta For Now!
TTGTime to Go
TTSText to Speech
TTTThat's the ticket or to the top
TTTTTo Tell The Truth
TTULTalk to You Later
TTWIGThat's the way it goes
TTYLTalk To You Later
TTYL8RTalk to you later
TVNThank You Very Much
TWTeam Work
TWIMCTo whom it may concern
TXT BACtext back
TYThank you
TYVMthank you very much
U2You Too
U4EYours For Ever
UI!You Idiot!
ULYou Will?
unPCunPolitically correct
URYou Are?
URAQTyou are a cutie
URASyou are a star
URT1Your are the one
URWYou are welcome
URWSYou Are Wise
URYY4MYou are too wise for me
VBGVery Big Grin
VBSVery Big Smile
VCVenture capital
VEGVery Evil Grin
VFMValue for money
VMVoice mail
VRBSVirtual reality bullshit
VSFVery Sad Face
WADWithout A Doubt
WAGWild Ass Guess
WAIWhat an idiot
WAMBAMWeb application meets brick and mortar
WAN2want to
WBWelcome Back
WBSWrite Back Soon
WCWho Cares?
WCAWho cares anyway
WDYSWhat did you say?
WDYTWhat do you think?
WEGWicked evil grin
WFWay Fun
WFMWorks for me
WGWicked grin
WGAFFWho gives a flying fuck
WIIFMWhat's in it for me?
WIIWDWhat it is we do
WISPWinning Is So Pleasureable
WITWordsmith in training
WITFITSWhat in the fuck is this shit
WLUMRyMeWill you marry Me?
WNOHGBWere No One Has Gone Before
WOGWise old guy
WOMBATWaste of money, brains and time
WRTWith regard to
WTWithout Thinking
WTBWant to buy
WTFWhat The Fuck
WTFRUWho the fuck are you?
WTFWTWhat the fuck was that?
WTGWay To Go!
WTGPWant to go private?
WTHWhat The Hell
WTMIWay too much information
WTTMWithout Thinking To Much
WUWhat is Up
WUDwhat you doing
WUFWhere Are You From?
WUWHWish you were here
WWDWIIWDWhen we do what it is we do
WWYWhere Were You?
WYCMWill You Call Me?
WYGOWMwill you go out with me
WYPWhat's your problem?
WYRNWhat's your real name?
WYSWhatever you say
WYSITWIRWhat you see is totally worthless in real life
WYSIWYGWhat you see is what you get
WYSLPGWhat you see looks pretty good
WYTWhatever you think
WYWHWish You Were Here
XMEExcuuuuse Me
XOXOHugs and Kisses
YAYet another
YA yayaYet Another Ya-Ya (as in yo-yo)
YABAYet another bloody acronym
YACCYet another calendar company
YAFIYGIYou asked for it, you got it
YBSYou’ll be Sorry
YCTYour Comment To
YGIAGAMYour guess is as good as mine
YGWYPFYou get what you pay for
YHMYou have mail
YICYours in Christ
YKWYou Know What?
YMYoung man
YMMVYour mileage may vary
YNKYou never know
YRWhy Are
YSYDYeah, sure you do
YTTTYou telling the truth?
YWYou are Welcome
YYSSWyeah yeah sure sure whatever
ZOMGOh My God (Sarcastic variant)
ZZZSleeping, Bored, Tired
<3A Heart
@}---\-A rose
O :-)An angel
:-o zzBored
:^)Broken nose
\_/\_/Drinks For Two
S:)Elvis Smiling
8:-)Glasses on head
:' )Happy and crying
(-:Happy Smile
:)Happy Smile
:-~)Having a cold
(_8^(!)Homer Simpson
:-{}Lip stick
@@@@:)Marge Simpson
<:-|Monk / Nun
:-|/:-INo face/poker face
:-XNot saying a word
-6%Not very clever
:(Sad, without nose
: @Shouting
:-)=Smiling with a beard
#:-)Smiling with a fur hat
:-)8Smiling with bow tie
d:-)Smiling with cap
&:-)Smiling with curls
8-)Smiling with glasses
{:-)Smiling with hair
(:-)Smiling with helmet
:-( )Smiling with mouth open
C|:-)Smiling with top hat
[:-)Smiling with walkman
:-?Smoking a pipe
(_x_)Sore Bum
:pStick your Tongue out
:-PSticking Tongue Out
B:-)Sunglasses on head
:-wTalking with two tongues
}:-(Toupee blowing in the wind
;)Twinkle, without nose
:=)Two noses
=|:-)=Uncle Sam
@:-)Using a turban
>:-(Very angry
:-{)With a moustache